Get in touch with us at: special@marenasl.es

More than 30 years designing and manufacturing special tools gives us the expertise to put us as references in manufacturing special tools.

Since standard tools with slight modifications to adapt them to different machining processes, to the more complex combined tools to reduce time and perform multiple simultaneous operations gaining productivity.

Close relationship with the customer, understanding your needs along with a technical Department prepared to give the best solution gives us the guaranteed success.

Our tools are already working in the most demanding market industries (aerospace, automotive, mold, etc) offering the security, productivity and service that require the current times.

We are at your disposal to start working.

Our Services:

- Manufacturing special tools.

- Manufacturing standard tools.

- Resharpening of tools to original geometry.

-Tool modification.

- Study of parts and advice on use of tools.

- Plate profiling.

- HSS/MD blade sharpening.

- Knife sharpening.

- Knife manufacturing.

- Grinders.

- Punches.

- Specific coatings.