Marena is an Aragonese family business of manufacturing and marketing of cutting tools, whose objective is to advise its clients in the processes of machining, and provide the right products for it, putting maximum attention to detail that maximize the productivity of its customers. For this, the continuous investment in human resources and productive resources that keep it up to date and enable the sustained innovation of its products is a fundamental part.


Be recognized as a leading company in the sector, characterized by high quality and innovation of its products, as well as technical advice and proximity to its customers, being in its future The expansion of the productive means and the geographical location of its activities is relevant, relying on the capacity of its human team, its prestige and solvency.


Search for sustained growth, increasing our assets, improving our competitive level and ensuring future profitability and sustainability of the company.

Customer and result orientation: to ensure the permanence of the company, the service future to customers and the stability of our employees.

Build a diversified commercial portfolio in number of customers and aimed at different sectors to ensure the stability.
Direct collaboration with the client in the development of new processes to improve their competitiveness. < / strong>

Strengthen relationships with new clients and gain recognition from their professionals.

Empowerment of human capital: Marena's main resource is people, their experience and his professional and technical knowledge, as well as his initiative and commitment to continuous improvement.

Your personal and professional development is a priority, and respect and trust in them, a fundamental basis .