Focus on Customers and Results

Your productivity means our success.
Comprehensive advice on cutting tools for new projects and production improvement in your current machining projects.


Our R+D+I department offers the standout solution totally adapted to your machining process, workpiece and machine.

Constantly evolving tools. Continuous improvement based on end-user experience gives our tools the best process performance.


ISO 9001:2015 certified


State-of-the-art tool manufacturing workshop equipped with the most advanced means for the manufacture and testing of our products.


Marena is an Aragonese family business manufacturing and marketing cutting tools.

Its aim is to advise its customers on machining processes, and to supply the right products for this purpose, paying the utmost attention to detail to maximise its customers’ productivity. To achieve this, a key factor is the continuous investment in human and productive resources that keep it up to date and enable the sustained innovation of its products.


To be recognised as a benchmark company in the industry, characterised by its high quality and innovative products.

Likewise, for technical advice and approachability to its customers, the expansion of production means and the geographical location of its activities being relevant in its future, backed by the capacity of its human team, its prestige and solvency.

Application Fields

A solution to suit each machining application.

By adapting geometry, hard metal and coatings together with our advice on the correct cutting strategy and conditions, excellent productivity results are accomplished.

Adapted Technology

From universal multi-application tools suitable for general machining to combined or special tools for the most complicated production processes and materials.
We provide solutions for machining with innovative strategies such as trochoidal or dynamic machining, parametric machining or solutions adapted to the means and specific requirements of the machine and workpiece.

Quality Policy

We are aware that quality control is a key element, proof of the foreoing is our ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

Constant investment in means which contribute to and guarantee the quality of our manufacturing guides us on the road to success.